Austrian Post launches programmatic advertising in national DOOH network

Following the successful expansion of the digital "Post Advertising Window" to Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck, Österreichische Post AG's digital out-of-home (DOOH) network has been technically enhanced by upgrading to new software. In addition, business customers can now also book the "Post Advertising Window" programmatically and optimize their target group targeting.

With the introduction of the new DOOH software from Grassfish Marketing Technologies and the programmatic connection of its own DOOH network, Österreichische Post AG is now also entering the field of programmatic advertising. The steadily growing inventory of the "Post Advertising Window" can now be booked even more flexibly by companies from all sectors via the marketing partner Goldbach Austria and expanded to include target group-specific targeting. Weather and geo-targeting are also available to advertisers who work directly with Austrian Post.

"The future belongs to programmatic advertising. According to our latest Dialog Marketing Report, the share of domestic companies relying on programmatic advertising has already risen to 11 percent between 2019 and 2021 alone, almost tripling," says Gerald Wiesmühler, Team Leader Post Advertising Window/DOOH at Österreichische Post AG, explaining: "As a result, campaigns can not only be realized in a shorter time, but conditions such as the runtime or the advertising media can also be adjusted more easily and quickly. The new targeting options of the Post advertising window help advertisers reduce wastage and thus maximize the relative proportion of advertising spend that is actually effective."

Efficient targeting with millions of contact opportunities nationwide

The "Post Advertising Window" now not only offers targeted purchasing of advertising space at specific time intervals on the high-resolution 75-inch screens, but also other modern options such as time, weather and geotargeting. "This allows advertisers* to reach their target groups with even greater precision, as our DOOH system is able to take these factors or other circumstances such as specific events into account and adapt the advertising messages played out to them and trigger them in real time," says Wiesmühler.

Swiss Post's DOOH network currently comprises 31 "Post Advertising Windows" - five of which are in the provincial capitals of Innsbruck, Salzburg and Graz - as well as a first free-standing DOOH pillar in Vienna since May. The network is constantly being expanded at high-frequency Post locations with pick-up stations and self-service zones as well as at other prime locations outside the branch network. They currently offer postal business customers a national reach of around 1.5 million advertising contact opportunities - and the trend is rising.

About Austrian Post

Digital or analog - Österreichische Post AG offers customized advertising solutions for every requirement. Physical flyers and the top advertising medium "Das Kuvert" achieve 42.7 percent reach, while the digital brochure platform "Aktionsfinder" records around 1.5 million visits per month. Aktionsfinder "Digilet" optimizes online brochures for smartphones and tablets. The comparison portal "Juuhu.at" - formerly daskuvert.at - enables a smart price comparison of millions of offers. More than three million B2C partner e-mail addresses are available to business customers for direct mailings, e-mail newsletters, and dialog marketing. Austrian Post is steadily expanding its digital portfolio with its own digital out-of-home network "Post Advertising Windows" in high-traffic branches and with free-standing DOOH pillars. All information at: post.at/advertising

Photo credit: Post.at