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The Who's Who of German-speaking Advanced TV experts gave a first-hand presentation of the requirements and possibilities on the big digital screen to around 70 interested participants from the marketing and media scene.

Goldbach Round Table: Big Screen Digital Advertising

After the long pandemic-related break, the screen marketer Goldbach Austria held its first round table event in over two years.

The event focused on the area of the five portfolio pillars (online, TV, DOOH, mobile, advanced TV) that has developed more than almost any other during this time: Advanced TV.

The screen marketing professional Goldbach got involved with the topic early on and is considered a pioneer when it comes to advertising opportunities around smart TV. The portfolio includes not only high reach, but also a wide range of solutions for instream advertising with Connected TV spots, exclusive ad placements on the launch screens of Samsung and LG TV devices, the best of the online and (linear) TV worlds with Addressable TV, as well as exclusive advertising opportunities on streaming platforms such as DAZN.

Speakers from the customer/user side, marketing, technology enablers and device manufacturers, reported on facts and figures as well as proven and innovative opportunities in the Connected TV environment. Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt from dentsu, who is also the course leader for advertising and brand management at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, led through the event.

There was agreement that the importance of the big screen campfire in the living room is unbroken. At the same time, however, the task of the screen in the household has changed from the reception device of the linear TV program to entertainment fireworks, individually adapted to the interests of the user, so that one must also rethink advertising via it.

"The fact that Advanced TV, or digital TV, is not just a lockdown phenomenon in this context, but that it continues to soar, is impressively demonstrated by the developments of recent weeks and months. The TV set is not becoming digital, it is digital and thus TV advertising per se must also be rethought. Connected TV has become access to the individual viewer's world of experience, and we have to cover this situation with our offer," says Wolfgang Pernkopf, Sales Director Online & Advanced TV at host Goldbach Austria .

  1. Goldbach Advanced TV study proves again: High acceptance and diverse offer of Connected TV

In his presentation, Wolfgang Pernkopf presented the 5th Goldbach Advanced TV Study, which was conducted in early 2022 across the entire German-speaking region. Once again, this confirms that Connected TV has a high usage. The interest is still very high, especially because of the flexible use and the diverse offer. The current study also confirms that advertising in the Connected TV area is accepted, effective and activates. The younger target group of 16- to 49-year-olds in particular uses Connected TV at over 70%. The figures for households with children are strikingly high: Here, 77% of the people living in the household use Connected TV. Furthermore, users spend just under 2.5 hours a day on the additional functions of the Internet-enabled TV set, which is almost on a par with the daily viewing time on linear TV at 2 hours 45 minutes. While using the additional functions, an average of 2.2 people sit in front of the TV set, which makes the CPM of this media genre even more attractive. Three quarters of respondents use access via smart TV, and significantly more than half of households do so with a TV set from Samsung, followed by LG. Goldbach's offering thus covers the two biggest players. A quarter of respondents access the Internet via peripheral devices such as streaming boxes, TV sticks or game consoles. The start screen of the smart TV also shows a change in trend: until now, the screen mostly started with the TV program. In this year's survey, 55% of users* said they start with the device interface, which again is an argument for the opportunities in Smart TV Ads on Samsung and LG devices.

Content, Consumer and Experience & Discovery

In his presentation, Christian Russ, Head of Sales DACH at Samsung Ads, explained that the most important implications to consider with consumers and thus for advertisers are the three facts: Content is King", Consumer is Queen" and Content Experience & Discovery are Key".

The most important criterion is content, regardless of the channel. The TV set has long since ceased to be just the receiver of linear TV programs, but is now the screen of the individual experience platform - from gaming to streaming to online content and, in addition, a considerable proportion of linear TV programs. Users particularly appreciate the flexibility and diversity of the offering. "From an advertising perspective, the consumer's self-determination and the ever-increasing offer on smart TV represent a great opportunity. When they switch on, consumers are in lean forward mode and are particularly receptive to offers, such as advertising on the start screen. This can be extended by further interactive elements up to entire worlds of experience in own websites. Targeting and data-based information also makes it possible to reach viewers in discovery mode at precisely the right moment, for example with advertising for winter sports regions during a ski race," describes Russ.

Furthermore, according to Samsung's study "The Connected TV Viewer 2021," 58% would accept advertising in exchange for free streaming content. This speaks in favor of Samsung's Content Network strategy, which includes Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV and Pluto TV offerings - linked to important data - and is pre-installed on new devices.

Today's challenge: "How do I reach streaming viewers?" has reached a new level with Incremental Reach Targeting & Analytics. Based on existing technology and data, it is possible to scan spots on linear TV and identify which target groups have come into contact with them - and which have not. Precisely those who did not receive the spot via linear TV can be reached using Incremental Reach Targeting & Analytics via Smart TV Ads and CTV spots on Samsung devices. An example from advertiser Vodafone in the UK showed that an additional 12% of viewers could be targeted who had not been exposed to the linear spot.

"In summary, the three core elements at Samsung are: engagement at the start screen, creating TV moments, such as using sporting events for winter sports advertising, and Incremental Reach," Russ concludes.

The metamorphosis: from one to many to one to one media

The keynote speech by Sebastian Neumann, Director Demand Solutions at smartclip, continued on a very technical note. As a pioneer in the advanced TV world, especially in addressable TV, the company has set itself the goal of reducing complexity and offering advertising solutions that are as customer-friendly as possible. The presentation focused on current trends and formats, such as "Switch In Masthead" or "Switch In Spot", the latest developments, such as ad insertion in linear advertising blocks, as well as a look at activities in other European countries. Whereas in linear TV, program and advertising have so far been delivered to everyone - 1-to-many - today's smart TV devices and the hbbTV technology used in Addressable TV enable an individual 1:1 address and the individually adapted playout of content and advertising. In a nutshell, Addressable TV offers the reach of TV, exclusive advertising outside of the linear ad units, device and broadcast-based targeting and, of course, the high impact of the big screen in the living room.

Neumann concluded his keynote with information on future ambitions with the Tech Alliance launched by smartclip and the cooperation d-force, which is still being pushed in Germany and Austria. The goal for the future is definitely "collaboration."

Porsche Media & Creative relies on Advanced TV to promote Elektro-Tage

Finally, Andreas Martin, Managing Director of Porsche Media & Creative, presented the integration of Advanced TV in the promotion of the big event "Wiener Elektro-Tage". This was initiated as an answer to the Corona-related volatile situation for the realization of events and major events of the automotive industry and will take place from June 15-19 at Vienna's Rathausplatz. In addition to (D)OOH, print, TV, online, the main focus is on Advanced TV solutions from the Goldbach portfolio with targeting on the geographic area of Vienna, as well as people with an affinity for technology and sustainability. The specially created advertising media are used as Samsung Ads, CTV spots on Pluto TV and Switch In XXL Ads on DMAX Austria and Sport1.