Programmatic sets a precedent

Programmatic continues to grow! Together with partner Digilight, a further 17 locations with 30 screens in the school network will be connected to Goldbach Austria's programmatically bookable digital out-of-home network.

Programmatic out-of-home advertising is the contemporary form of advertising that enables data-based, real-time campaigns in the public domain with video ads. The fully automated and individualized use of advertising space offers maximum flexibility and can adapt campaigns to the real environment, which increases the attention of the target group. Flexible targeting options allow, for example, weather-dependent or time-dependent playout of the advertising media in order to reach the young target group even more precisely.

This is now also possible on screens in auditoriums and frequented common rooms at vocational schools in the provinces of Vienna, Burgenland, Lower Austria, Styria and Tyrol. The expansion of the programmatic out-of-home network to include the school channel means 97,600 new advertising media contacts in one week in the target group of young people aged 14-19, with the school network being particularly suitable for image and recruiting campaigns.

Goldbach Austria's programmatic out-of-home network has recently grown continuously. The integration of relevant inventories from other portfolio partners such as Publica and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield was only recently announced. In total, the range of digital out-of-home advertising spaces that can be controlled programmatically currently comprises around 8,500 screens at 768 locations throughout Austria.