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SalzburgerLand Tourism is a first mover in programmatic outdoor advertising

Digilight and Goldbach cooperate on first programmatic digital out-of-home campaign in the roadside sector

With the current campaign "Dafür leben wir" (That's what we live for), which ran from July 5-31 throughout Austria on Digilight screens in the Goldbach Roaside and train station areas, SalzburgerLand Tourismus is once again a first mover in innovative programmatic advertising solutions. With this campaign, SalzburgerLand was the first advertiser in Austria to book digital LED advertising boards programmatically in the roadside area. The booking platform and technologies used made it possible to standardize the entire process, from booking and delivery of the advertising media to instant reporting. The variety of providers, formats and reporting could thus be standardized.

"Programmatic solutions in the DOOH area are increasingly in demand, and we can offer more and more solutions at the same time. With Digilight, for example, Goldbach is the first marketer to have programmatically bookable screens in the roadside area in its program, the fastest-growing DOOH segment. With the help of the targeting options, location, time and audience data, the mobile target group can be reached even more efficiently," says Ralf Schalkhammer, Sales Director of the marketer Goldbach Media, pleased about the triumph of programmatic outdoor advertising and Goldbach's constant innovation leadership since the beginning of the DOOH era.

"The expansion of this young genre and the technical possibilities is only possible thanks to innovation-friendly companies like SalzburgerLand Tourismus," Schalkhammer adds: SalzburgerLand was already the first company to book ÖBB screens programmatically and can thus certainly be counted among the most experienced and innovation-friendly clients in the DOOH sector.

"In the implementation and medialization of our creative campaigns, we in SalzburgerLand are always breaking new ground out of conviction. Especially in the DOOH sector, many exciting solutions have emerged in recent years, which we are happy to take advantage of together with our partner Goldbach Media," says Leo Bauernberger, Managing Director of SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH. "With programmatic outdoor advertising, we can address people in an even more individual and tailored way, for example, by using messages adapted to the time of day or even to the current weather, and thus get them excited about a vacation in SalzburgerLand. The first results and feedback from our vacation regions, which paint a consistently positive picture of the current summer season in SalzburgerLand, already indicate that we have succeeded very well in this campaign. "

SalzburgerLand Tourism has used its own in-house know-how and technologies in the campaign. "The story of the campaign and the approach to advertise programmatically not simply for the purpose of automating processes, but also specifically to increase the relevance of the advertising media for the recipients, in which the subjects and targetings were used according to time, weather and regions, shows an understanding of the medium itself," says Horst Brunner of screen operator Digilight, spreading roses to the client.

"Budgets are increasingly shifting to programmatic campaigns as well. The reason is not that programmatic campaigns are better per-se than classic campaigns, but that there is justification on the market for both types of booking - classic and programmatic. So the question is not whether you should book digital advertising space classically or programmatically, but what is the intention behind the use of the advertising media," says Brunner, explaining the differences between the booking forms.


DOOH_Tullnerfeld, DOOH Wiener Neustadt, Goldbach Austria Ralf Schalkhammer - Credit: Florence Stoiber