Advertising only in bad weather

Küsnacht, January 19, 2021 - In October and November last year, Coop advertisements for fondue and raclette flickered across digital billboards in pedestrian zones, train stations and other locations throughout Switzerland. The programmatic DooH campaign ran for two months - but with a special feature: time and weather targeting was used for the campaign. Thus, the advertising media were only played out during precipitation or overcast skies as well as temperatures below 12 degrees. In order to reach commuters in particular, the time period between 4 and 8 p.m. was defined as an additional attribute during the week. On Saturday afternoons, weekend shoppers were addressed. Coop wanted to reach its customers when the weather, temperature and time were right for raclette and fondue.

This targeted use of advertising media was made possible by Jaduda's demand side platform Splicky. The programmatic advertising specialist realized the campaign together with media agency TWmedia as well as APG, Clear Channel, Advendo and their supply side platforms. It was the first time Jaduda and TWmedia partnered to execute a campaign for a client: "By working with Jaduda, we were able to use the Coop advertising budget in a very targeted way and play out the ads when they reached people at the "right" moment," says Oliver Schönfeld, Managing Director of TWmedia.

Coop itself was very satisfied with the campaign. During the two months, there were over 15 million gross contacts at around 130 locations.