Goldbach presents innovative brand performance advertising solutions

Goldbach Group AG subsidiary Goldbach Manufaktur AG announces its latest Brandformance advertising solutions. Brandformance Display and Brandformance Video are two innovative, digital advertising products that aim to optimally combine and increase brand awareness and advertising effectiveness for advertisers.

Increasing brand presence and awareness while optimizing performance - this is the goal that Goldbach Manufaktur AG, a subsidiary of Goldbach Group AG, is pursuing with its Brandformance advertising solutions. With Brandformance Display and Brandformance Video, Goldbach Manufaktur is now presenting two innovative advertising solutions that advertisers can use to take their campaigns to the next level.

Brandformance is a large-scale display and video advertising format that can be placed in premium environments such as the Goldbach Display Network (260 brandsafe websites), the Goldbach Video Network or 20min.ch. Both advertising solutions use combined pricing consisting of a CPM of CHF 10 (display) or CHF 13 (video) and flexible variable remuneration (per click, sales, lead, etc.).

Optimal addition to existing offering

"These two new products complement our existing brand performance offering perfectly and offer our customers even more opportunities in terms of performance," says Oliver Schibli, Managing Director of Goldbach Manufaktur AG. But it is not just the performance and effectiveness of advertising campaigns that the new products are intended to increase: "The brand performance solutions should offer our customers a high level of transparency and also flexibility," says Schibli. This is ensured by advanced tracking and targeting as well as various billing models - from cost per lead and sales revenue share to performance-based CPX models. Thanks to these approaches to pricing, companies of all sizes and budgets should benefit from an optimal return on their advertising investment.