OneID - The responsible advertising ID for Switzerland

OneID enables the targeted addressing of over 3 million users on high-quality advertising inventory from leading premium publishers in Switzerland, without overlaps. It always ensures that modern data protection standards are adhered to and that users retain full control over their data.


A win-win-win situation for all three parties

OneID promotes transparent and efficient use of advertising inventory, which is beneficial for users, advertisers and publishers alike.

For users
  • Transparency and control over the use of your own data
  • Relevant advertising
For advertisers
  • Comprehensive optimization of digital campaigns on premium inventory
  • Use of 1st party data
  • Free of charge for advertisers
For publishers
  • Strong network of Swiss publishers
  • Increasing the value of the advertising inventory

Advantages for advertisers

OneID offers advertisers a wide range of functions for their advertising campaigns.

Frequency Caps

Optimization of the OTS (Opportunity to See) for maximum campaign effectiveness.


Target website users who are already interested in order to increase the conversion rate.

Re-marketing and CRM targeting

CRM-based target group segmentation, e.g. for a targeted approach or to promote upselling.

Analytics / Reporting

Insights for data-driven decision-making
to optimize your advertising strategies

Advertiser checklist for an online campaign with OneID

If an advertiser wants to start an advertising campaign with OneID, the following steps are required:

  • Conclude a contract with OneLog
  • Technical setup in the DSP
  • Conclude deal with Setup Supply Partner
  • Integration of OneID into your own website (optional)

Get in touch with us

For more information about OneID, please contact us without hesitation.

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