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Programmatic DOOH at Goldbach Austria and Fachverband Glasindustrie: Glass-clear elevator advertising with gold-correct targeting

Initiative campaign of the glass industry association: Together with the agency UM PanMedia and its special unit Matterkind, the association as first mover implements the first programmatic campaign in the Goldbach Elevator Channel with more than 350 programmatically bookable screens in lifts of View Elevator.

For the current campaign "What would life be without glass?" the glass industry association broke new ground and was the first company to use programmatically bookable screens in elevators of apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, public buildings, educational institutions and shopping centers. In total, the spots were played out via the marketer Goldbach Austria in approx. 300 elevators throughout Austria, thus achieving almost 90,000 impressions in 2 days.

The ads were played every time an elevator was in motion and occupied.

"Elevator screens allow direct addressing of people who, for example, are on their way to or from their home or workplace. Screens in elevators are novel and thus extremely attention-grabbing: nothing is "catchier" in an elevator than a screen showing moving images. Especially if you don't have reception on your smartphone, your gaze wanders and naturally finds the elevator screen and thus the undivided attention of passengers," says Jürgen Stecher Managing Partner of Matterkind, emphasizing the advantages of the unusual advertising spaces. "The combination of strong visuals and the right location helped to create an informative and educational experience highlighting the multi-faceted use of glass. From a sustainable consumption and production perspective, this message is more pertinent and timely than ever," adds his colleague Simran Singh, Senior Addressable Manager Matterkind.

Commenting on the media selection, Dagmar Nemeczek of Blink, the supervising advertising agency, said: "The involving campaign approach "What would life be without glass?" is a perfect fit for this very direct medium, the elevator, where passengers' undivided attention is guaranteed. The exclusive use of advertising space allowed us to significantly increase our visibility in the OOH space and strengthen the overall performance of the campaign."

Programmatic playout enables real-time campaigns with new levels of efficiency

The Programmatic Channel of the Austrian DOOH network with the highest reach is at 67.65 million gross contacts in 2 weeks. In total, the View Elevator network alone achieves 2.12 million playouts and 5.73 million gross contacts in 2 weeks across Austria, with a focus on Eastern Austria. The spots are only displayed if at least one person is actually in the elevator. Programmatic advertising enables detailed reporting over the entire duration of the campaign and thus optimization possibilities in real time. The use of data increases the advertising impact. The measurability allows a detailed insight into the customer journey. Overall, programmatic playout means more efficiency and measurability through more flexibility and knowledge.

Goldbach Media Sales Director Ralf Schalkhammer is convinced: "Programmatic digital out-of-home advertising is the contemporary advertising form to enable data-based real-time campaigns in the public domain with video ads. In this way, the campaign adapts to the real environment, which increases the attention of the target group. We are pleased that advertisers are increasingly using this innovative yet efficient option."


Goldbach: Lisa-Sophie Hemersam, Sarah Becker

BLINK advertising agency: Dagmar Nemeczek, Karoline Böker

UM PanMedia: Christoph Brenner, Jonilda Keci

Matterkind Austria: Simran Singh, Sanja Stojanovic, Jürgen Stecher


Trade Association of the Glass Industry

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About the Austrian Glass Industry Association

MMag. Alexander Krissmanek

Trade association managing director

The client is the WKO trade association of the Austrian glass industry. This consists of 50 companies and 7,200 employees. There are three production areas: Glassworks, glass processing companies and also Gablonzer (costume jewelry, costume jewelry).