Advertising with Advanced TV - Here's what the experts say

Once again this year, numerous guests from the media and advertising industry met for the "Tag der Online-Werbung", the Online Advertising Day, which was held by Goldbach Audience for the 17th time this year.

This year's event was all about Advanced TV and the advertising opportunities that CTV, Smart TV, VOD and Co. bring with them. How can the numerous touchpoints be handled and what distinguishes CTV campaigns, for example? We asked the speakers on site.

How does a brand manage not to get lost in all the touchpoints these days?

Aurelie Brunet de Courssou, Head Strategic Planning at RTL Ad Connect, presented her study "The New Life of the Living Room". She shares her views on the general conditions for advertisers in everyday life in which consumers are confronted with numerous touchpoints.


What characterizes a CTV campaign in the first place?

Johannes Paysen, Managing Director of Magnite, the independent platform for Connected TV (CTV) video advertising. The expert explains what makes CTV an effective advertising medium.


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Do you want to relive the event once again?

Together with our guests and speakers, we were able to dive into the comprehensive and sometimes complex world of Advanced TV. We would like to thank all participants for this inspiring industry event. Around 180 representatives from agencies, advertisers and publishers were present at the venue Kraftwerk in Zurich.