Kingfluencers & Goldbach: "Also ideal for companies that are not very experienced in social media"

The influencer marketing agency Kingfluencers and the content and sponsorship division of Goldbach Manufaktur recently announced an intensified collaboration. The two teams are further expanding their offering and marketing content across all channels. The result is a joint content network that combines social media, influencer marketing, media and, optionally, events. What opportunities does this create for advertisers? We spoke to Mirjana Elmer, the responsible Key Account Manager at Goldbach Manufaktur.

Ms. Elmer, congratulations on the new partnership. What does this partnership mean for Goldbach customers?
The added value for our customers clearly lies in the fact that we now offer everything from a single source. This means that we can orchestrate everything from setting up the influencer campaign and controlling the social media boosting to the media extension. Our customers benefit from a product that is simple to use but very effective in terms of impact, and which is optimally tailored to the media usage behavior of the younger target group.

What new advertising options, formats and channels are now available?
Kingfluencers and Goldbach can now offer the full spectrum together to address specific target groups with specific topics. In other words, we combine influencer marketing for authentic content creation and addressing the relevant communities with social media marketing to significantly increase reach in the desired target group. Last but not least, we extend the content that performs best to our Goldbach network. In other words, we use the learnings from social media. This mechanism allows us to cover all kinds of topics, such as food & beverage, health, family, sustainability, travel and more.

How do you combine social media, media and events to achieve maximum impact?
By combining influencer marketing and social media marketing with digital media, we can kill several birds with one stone: we use topic-related influencers to create authentic content that is tailored to the target group. For their part, the influencers activate the community, draw attention to the topic and create interaction. Through the targeted use of social media ads, we increase the reach in the relevant target group and evaluate which content pieces are best accepted by the target group and have performed best. We then extend this content across the entire Goldbach media spectrum. The basic offer includes, for example, digital extension by means of teasers in the target group and content implementation on 20 Minuten or Newsnet. However, we can extend this into TV, DOOH or the print world as required.

Can this be based on existing campaigns or do they also have to be designed for social media from the outset?
Of course, both approaches work. Existing classic campaigns can also be mirrored in influencer and social media marketing. This can be exciting if something additional is to be implemented with regard to a specific target group.

Is the offer also aimed at companies that have little experience with social media? Especially with regard to the relevance of storytelling: does every company actually find its story?
The new offer is ideal for companies that are not very experienced in social media. As we offer everything from a single source and have real social media professionals on board with Kingfluencers, we can provide companies with optimal advice on how best to approach the concept for an influencer campaign, including the conception of their own story around the desired topic. Neither experience nor a lot of effort is required on the part of the customer - that's what we're here for.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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