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The figures of the current editions of the media usage studies Total Audience 2021-1 and Mach Basic 2021-1 speak for themselves: The media brands of 20 Minuten and the Tamedia media titles were able to significantly increase the reach of their print titles and web offerings. The strong growth is due in particular to the Swiss population's need for information.

20 Minuten: Over 3 million users per day

20 Minuten is the first daily news medium to break the 3 million mark with its media brands in all three parts of the country: Around 3.087 million readers use the medium every day. The popularity of 20 minutes increased particularly in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino:

  • 20 minutes F-CH: 801 000 (+11.1%)
  • 20 minuti/tio.ch I-CH: 230 000 (+43.8%)
  • 20 minutes D-CH: 2.142 million (+1.3%)

Tamedia titles record significant jump in reach in print and digital

According to the published figures, Tamedia's newspapers and magazines also reach significantly more print and online readers than in the previous year. The increased need for information has accelerated digital growth, while print has also been more stable than in previous years.

Swiss-German titles

  • Tages-Anzeiger: 675 000 (+19.7%)
  • Basler Zeitung: 191 000 (+10.4%)
  • Bund and Berner Zeitung 478 000 (+18.6%)
  • Metropool title combination (Basler Zeitung, Berner Zeitung/Bund and Tages-Anzeiger) with online offering Newsnet: 1.244 million (+15.1%)
  • Finanz und Wirtschaft: 179 000 (+31.6%)

French-speaking Swiss titles

  • 24 heures: 286 000 (+27.1%)
  • Tribune de Genève: 242 000 (+44%)
  • Le Matin Dimanche: 942 000 (+32.9%)
  • Bilan: 403 000 (+119%)

To the studies

  • MACH Basic is the established Swiss readership study and provides the official currency for media planning and publisher marketing. The study reports up-to-date, independent and valid data on the users of newspapers and magazines in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (number of readers and composition of readership). The advertising industry uses this data to determine the characteristic values of the individual titles for planning their press campaigns.

  • Total Audienceis an intermedia currency study and combines the press and online reach of media brands. In addition to the readership of a media brand's print edition, it also records that of its online offerings, broken down by the channels desktop, mobile sites, and apps. The values of the study also have a currency character and provide information about cross-media reachability.

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