Radio advertising works! Swiss Radioworld publishes current advertising effectiveness study

The latest study results from Swiss Radioworld prove the attractiveness of radio as an advertising medium. The specific example of the radio campaign for financial services provider Yuh also shows that radio advertising can significantly increase brand awareness, remains in the memory and has an activating effect.

Zurich, 5 September 2022 - Radio advertising is well received - this is shown by the latest study results from Swiss Radioworld. Within the scope of a representative advertising effectiveness study, the radio intermediary analysed the perception of radio in general and the effectiveness of audio advertising by means of a pre- and post-test based on a real campaign for the financial app Yuh.

About half of the respondents rated radio advertising as credible (46%). Among the younger age group of 15 to 34-year-olds, this value is even 57%. Another 39% and 41% respectively consider radio advertising to be informative. Looking at the creative aspects of radio advertising, spot length (38%), originality and creativity (32%) as well as entertaining (32%) are the most important criteria for the respondents. 

David Foser, Senior Project Manager Market Research at TX Group, on the study: "The results of the representative study show that radio advertising is well received by listeners. Interesting details were revealed when differentiating by socio-demographics. For example, the U-35 year-olds rate radio advertising significantly more favourably than the population as a whole.

Analysis of campaign impact for advertising client Yuh
For the financial app Yuh, developed by PostFinance and Swissquote and launched in 2021, a two-week audio campaign with accompanying advertising measures was run in May 2022 in online and out-of-home media and then examined for its effectiveness. 

As the results show, awareness of Yuh among the target audience of 20 to 35-year-olds was increased both supported and unsupported. In addition, every fifth person interviewed was able to remember the audio spot. 

The spots had an activating effect, especially in terms of follow-up communication and information search. Thus, 12% of the respondents each stated that they had talked about Yuh and had sought further information. There was also a favourable effect of the spots: While 13% of respondents had favoured Yuh's finance app before the campaign, Yuh's favourability increased by 51% to 19% of respondents. 

Sonia Milici, Head of Marketing & Sales, on the campaign analysed: "We are satisfied with the result of the campaign, especially with the activation potential of the radio spot as well as the significantly increased preference of Yuh in the post-test. Considering that we are addressing a specific target audience with our finance app that is already familiar with the various offers, the results are pleasing. We will certainly consider radio and audio again for our future campaigns."