Audio as an advertising medium: versatile use, activating advertising effect

Digital audio is becoming increasingly relevant as an advertising medium thanks to its growing use and diverse inventory. The advertising market has a large number of digital audio platforms at its disposal. These include web radio stations, music streaming services such as Spotify and podcasts.

Following the results of the radio impact study published in 2022, Swiss Radioworld 2023 analyzed the use of digital audio in general and the effectiveness of audio advertising using a real campaign as part of a representative advertising impact study.

The study results prove the versatility and attractiveness of digital audio as an advertising medium:

  • Usage: 59% of all respondents state that they listen to digital audio at least occasionally, tending to do so several times a week to daily. The most frequent use is via smartphone (73%). Headphone use is at 30% across Switzerland, and as high as 47% among 15 to 34-year-olds. Music streaming platforms are used the most (52%), followed by web radios (39%) and podcasts (22%).

  • Usage situation: Digital audio is most frequently used at home (85%). Other relevant usage situations are in the car, on the move on foot, at work or at the place of education or on public transport.

  • Awareness and image: Audio advertising enjoys a high level of attention: two thirds of users state that they pay attention to digital audio advertising. Above all, it is seen as credible and informative.

  • Activation: Audio advertising has a particularly activating effect on 15 to 44-year-olds and encourages listeners to find out more about products or brands (31%), to continue talking about them (27%) and even to make purchases (20%).

Case Activ Fitness: Digital audio advertising for more awareness and significant target group activation
The results of the study were confirmed in a specific customer case. In addition to the positive effects on awareness and brand preference, the digital audio campaign had a clear activating effect on follow-up communication, recommendation, subsequent purchase considerations and the actual purchase decision, particularly among the target group of 18 to 44-year-olds.

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